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Insulator Jacket

Custom Designed Insulation Jackets

Removable Insulating Jackets are a convenient way to provide routine access to a pipe, valve, instrument or any device that has to be inspected, removed or visually monitored.

Shaped Insulating Jackets may be built small or large, in many different geometries. They are custom fabricated using a double stitch technique to build soft but durable cover.

Preformed, not Flat: The Jacket is designed and fabricated into a preformed shape that will easily fit the object. This is opposed to flat insulation pieces which fold up and "pucker" resisting closure and leaving air-gaps.

The materials of construction depend upon the temperature and environment of use. In the freeze protection temperature range, (Armaflex®) Closed Cell Foam with Polyester Vinyl will provide insulation without absorbing moisture. Then, up to 500° F choices can include materials such as Teflon® and Silicone, which provide durability and some moisture protection. Moderate and High-temperature Insulation Jackets, are constructed of safe fiberglass based fabrics with soft, Fiberglass Silica or Ceramic insulations.

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